Better Business Bureau (BBB)

better_business_bureauBetter Business Bureau (BBB) is an organization that works to protect the public from unfair advertising and business practices. The BBB in the United States is organized under the Council of Better Business Bureaus. In Canada, the BBB operates under the Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus. These national councils head up local, nonprofit Better Business Bureau corporations.

Many consumers contact Better Business Bureaus to ask about the reliability of a company or charity before making a purchase, investment, or donation. Others register complaints with a bureau about practices they consider unfair. The bureau then attempts to resolve the dispute. A bureau may refer a case to a government agency. For a fee, the Better Business Bureau accredits companies who agree to abide by certain business standards. The organization also provides consumer education.

The Council of Better Business Bureaus serves as headquarters of the U.S. Better Business Bureau system. This council is in Arlington, Virginia. The Canadian council is in Toronto.